Japanese spirirt 和の意匠 KOMAHIRO WORLD 駒ひろの世界
About Me

I was born in Noda City, Chiba prefecture, Japan. As the second daughter of a 7th generation lumber merchant, I grew up free and active in a family that cherishes Japanese tradition. I went to junior and senior high schools there and then proceeded to an art college in Tokyo.


 I graduated from a design course of the art college and worked for a package company as a sweets package designer. While working, I studied kimono sewing, and there, I found some elements making me want to dig further in art and design, and so, I went on to a graduate school of an art university.


For a research theme I chose “to apply Japanese traditional patterns to the modern life style”. I tried to find a design style that presents sparkling, amusing graphical images but retains a touch of traditional Japan somewhere, which underlies my design to date. I started to try numerous methods in search for such design.


I explored several kinds of kimono dyeing techniques in search for free, graphical expression as well. I studied some techniques by myself, and chose in the end Yuzen method, which I learned from my friend artisan in Kyoto.

I began dyeing. My interest then grew from Japanese clothes simply for wearing to the ‘forms’ that they bring forth.


After completing a graduate course, I started my career as a freelance designer, and have designed in various fields: design for textile, producing commodity plans, and working as an art director for stores and hotels. Over the course, I produced an original collection of my own, “KOMAHIRO WORLD”.


In the “Lacquer” collection, I applied a painting technique I studied at the graduate school to Geta, Japanese wooden shoes. I came up with this idea when I glued and coated my cracked Geta with paint, then out of the whim painted pictures on the shoes, which I found amusing. I collected plenty of unused Geta from my home in Noda City, painted pictures on them like I do on canvass and revived the life of those shoes produced in the last century. Afterwards, I formally learned a Japanese lacquer workmanship from Ms. Toshiko Noda, a lacquer artist.


In 2007, when I visited the State of Michigan, I encountered china painting, western style glaze. I was fascinated by their uniquely free color combination and studied a porcelain painting. I am now working on the ceramics mainly  china painting


I have never intentionally worked to present a Japanese traditional style.

Rather, a Japanese touch emerges whatever I design. It is after all a mode of culture I grew up in, and must have blended into my personality. I didn’t particularly like the way it was until recently. But now I’ve come to accept that this is my style.


Looking back, I am amazed to see how many bumps and detours I made because of my inquisitiveness. With all the things I acquired in the past and will acquire in the future, I will continue to produce ever more inspiring “KOMAHIRO  WORLD”, albeit step by step.










「和」に関するものを得意とし、テキスタイルや商品企画、店舗・旅館のアートワークやディレクションを手がけながら「KOMAHIRO WORD」のオリジナル作品を制作している。









振り返れば、気の多さにあれやこれや回り道をし続けてきたように思う。そしてこれからも迷いながら、でも一歩一歩、ワクワクする「KOMAHIRO WORLD」を充実させていきたい、歩いていこうと思う。


1991 Exhibition ‘Wa Form Ⅰ’ (Geta, Japanese wooden shoes) @ Nakazawa Gallery, Ginza

1994 Exhibition ‘Wa Form Ⅱ’ (Geta and Hanten, Jpanese wooden shoes and Kimono coat) @ Nakazawa Gallery, Ginza

1997 Exhibition ‘Wa Form Ⅲ’ (Tenugui, Japanese hand towel) @ Nakaza Gallery, Ginza

1998 Exhibition ‘Komahiro World’ @ Gallery of the play, Ginza Matsuya

1999 Exhibition ‘Installation with cloth by Hiroyo Komasaki’ @ Aoyama Pastel Museum

1999 Exhibition ‘Komahiro World Christmas Version’ @ Komesta, an Italian Restaurant in Ebisu

2000 Participated in ‘Exhibition of Modern Crafts’ @ Isetan, Shinjuku

2000 Exhibition ‘Collection of Hiroyo Komasaki and Keiko Sera’ @ Gallery Bankosha, Yotsuya

2000 Exhibition ‘Geta Show” @ Isetan, Shinjuku

2009 Exhibition ‘Artists’ Kabuki Festival’ @ Roof Gallery, Tamagawa Takashimaya

2011 Exhibition ‘Art Land –small art world on palm’ @ Roof Gallery, Tamagawa Takashimaya

2012 Exihibition ‘Works by Kimiya Aneha and Hiroyo Komasaki’ @ Kihadaya, Tokamachi, Niigata Pref.

2013 Exhibition ‘Cerebration: Hare Day’ @ Art gallery on the Wind, Yokohama


1991 年 個展『和のフォルムⅠ』下駄展 (銀座中沢ギャラリー)

1994 年 個展『和のフォルムⅡ』下駄と半纏展 (銀座中沢ギャラリー)

1997 年 個展『和のフォルムⅢ』てぬぐい展 (銀座中沢ギャラリー)

1998 年 企画展『コマヒロ ‘S WORLD 』(銀座松屋「遊びのギャラリー」)

1999 年 企画展 『駒崎ヒロヨ・布によるインスタレーション』(青山パステルミュージアム)

1999 年 企画展『コマヒロ‘S WORLD 』 ークリスマスバージョンー(恵比寿・伊太利亜料理店“コメスタ”)

2000 年 『モダンクラフト展』出展 (新宿伊勢丹)

2000 年 企画展『世良恵子・駒崎ヒロヨ・作品展』(四谷・ギャラリー晩紅舎)

2000 年 企画展『駒崎ヒロヨ・生き生き下駄展』(新宿伊勢丹)

2009 年 企画展『作家たちの歌舞伎祭り展』(玉川高島屋「ルーフギャラリー」)

2011 年 企画展『アートランド展 ー手のひらの上の小さなアートの世界』(玉川高島屋「ルーフギャラリー」)

2012 年 企画展『姉歯公也・駒崎浩代作品展』(新潟県十日町市「きはだや」)

2013 年 グループ展「めでたいハレの日」展(横浜・art gallery, on the wind)

2015年 企画展「和だけど洋ってな〜に」展 (京都・space妙)

2015年 企画展  ジ・アートフェア+プリュスーウルトラ 2015出展(青山スパイラルガーデン)

2016年 企画展「日本の心」展(横浜f.e.i art gallery)

2016年 企画展  駒崎浩代作品展ー染布とうつわー「あて・もてなし」(ヒデハルフカサクギャラリー六本木)

2017年 企画展 「The best of vest 」展(銀座ギャラリーおかりや)


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